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Saint-Petersburg was founded about three hundred years ago as a capital of Russian Empire. Even now it is considered to be not only a cultural centre of the country but also its most European one. The Historic Centre of Saint Petersburg and Related Groups of Monuments constitute a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Saint Petersburg is also home to The Hermitage, one of the largest art museums in the world. A large number of foreign consulates, international corporations, banks and other businesses are located in Saint Petersburg. Real estate in Saint-Petersburg is quite unusual accommodation being situated just in a cultural capital of such an impressive country. However the costs to buy a property have a stable increase. There are many variants to solve this problem if there is such, because it is worth living in such a city. But even if you can’t afford it you can easily find the one to rent for a long term or a short term one in case you are a guest.
Moscow is one of the most beautiful cities in Russia; it plays an important role in industrial, scientific and cultural life of the country. Some of the museums are famous worldwide, for example Tretyakov Gallery and State Historical Museum, etc. Its distinctive feature is radial-circular planning, which was established in the 16th century. We can see nowadays Moscow like an architectural ensemble, where ancient temples are close to modern buildings. To buy a flat in Moscow is rather a difficult task, because the prices are stable high either there is a crisis or not. And this year they slowly increase. Despite this fact there is always a demand to buy one. You can find a perfect flat fully furnished and with all necessary appliances or a simple one, without furnishing, so it is up to you to decide. Of course it is easier and cheaper to rent a property. Here one can find a great variety of proposals with flats or houses that correspond only your preferences.
Kiev is beautiful in all seasons. Visiting the capital of Ukraine in the spring you can feel that amusing harmony of nature and architecture it is famous for. They say that the best month to come here is May: when you can observe chestnut trees in blossom. Being here in autumn you can enjoy the reddish palette of nature on the banks of Dnepr. Sightseeing are worth seeing in Kiev. Flats to let is probably the most needed service. To buy your own flat in Kiev is rather difficult task nowadays, that is why long term and daily rent of flats is realized more easily in Kiev. Amount of money to buy a flat is so impressive, that not everyone can afford it. That is the reason why the prices for rental flats have decreased recently. Though you can easily find a lot of advertisements providing information about flats to sail in Kiev. It can be located either in a newly built multistory building or in an old one. Each of the variant has its advantages and disadvantages, and of course it is a question of a personal preference. So it is up to you to decide – to rent or to buy.